New Coffee to Offer!

Announcing…the creation of Oak Cliff Coffee’s 3 new roasts!  Each of the coffees are carefully blended and roasted for a unique taste.  See the descriptions below.  One of them is calling your name!

Rosemont Crest Blend

This is a crowd-pleaser and one of my favorites.  It is blended precisely for good body, a hint of sweetness balanced by bit of boldness and with a lingering aftertaste.  It’s a medium roast, so you can savor the taste of the coffee without being overpowered by the roast flavors.  It’s our house blend, and so it’s named after our little known neighborhood in Oak Cliff which happens to be a National Historic District.  


Hidden City Blend

This blend is crafted specifically for espresso.  It’s smooth with high notes of sweet berries, and it maintains the body needed for espresso shots.  It’s roasted medium-dark to bring out hints of chocolate, but without the pungency of darker roasts.  And this blend makes a great cup of brewed coffee as well, so don’t be scared to give it a chance in your coffee pot.  


Victor Prosper’s Roast

We’re very cautious about dark roasts.  Many dark or ultra-dark roasts I’ve tasted at coffee shops and grocery stores are nothing more than burnt coffee with hints of carbon and charcoal.  We buy high quality coffee beans and we want you to be able to taste them.  So we carefully roast this blend dark.  It has the sweet pungency that people love in dark roasts, without roasting away the entire flavor of the coffee itself.  It’s our version of the ‘French Roast’, so it’s named after the Frenchman who settled the La Reunion Colony in Oak Cliff in the 19th Century.


Our 3 new coffee blends are now available to order on our website.


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