Welcome Jakob Blaise!

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Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is growing, and in more than one way!  We’ve been laying low during the month of November in anticipation of the arrival of our baby.  On November 14th at 6:02 AM we welcomed the newest addition to our family and our new apprentice roaster, Jakob Blaise Neffendorf.
After a long labor and joyous birth, Blaise and Mama are doing very well.  We’re even getting a little bit of sleep!  See more photos here.


4 responses to “Welcome Jakob Blaise!

  1. Baby Blaise,
    You sure are a cutie! Mama & Daddy look pretty excited about your arrival. Has Daddy showed you how to crank up that roaster yet? Stay plenty close to your warm, loving parents this winter – and always. (Sorry about those Red Raiders last night…)

  2. Praise God! First that he was healthy, and both the Jenni Mae and Baby Blaise are doing well. Next that he doesn’t look like his pappy! Much love Neffendorf family!

  3. Holy cow, congrats! So, so awesome.

  4. oh he is a cutie!! 😉

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