Davis Street Land Use Study Meetings

The Davis Street Land Use Study meetings have begun.  We feel that this study and these meetings are very important to the development of our community.  Some have already past, but there are plenty more to attend, and the meetings will culminate January 26th with the presentation of the entire plan.  Attend, ask questions and let your voice be heard…

January   7- Bishop Arts District- 9:00AM  Hunky’s Hamburgers 321 N. Bishop – Current CD 7 Ordinances  NOTES FROM THE MEETING
January 10- Kings Highway Conservation District – 9:00AM Kessler United Methodist Church Room 115
January 12- Old Oak Cliff Conservation League – 7:00PM Cliff Cafe At the Belmont Hotel Sylvan and Ft. Worth Ave.
January 13- Winnetka Heights – 7:00PM – Tyler Street Methodist 927 W. Tenth St.
January 19- Kidd Springs – 6:30PM Kidd Springs Recreation Center 711 W. Canty
January 21- West Kessler/L.O. Daniel -7:00PM 819 N. Oak Cliff Blvd.
January 22- Dallas Land and Loan (The Garden District) – 6:30PM 400 W. Davis
January 26 – The Entire Plan – 6:30PM Hitt Auditorium Methodist Hospital,
Colorado and Bishop


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