Why Do You Only Sell Whole Bean Coffee?

“Why do you only sell whole bean coffee?  I don’t want to grind my coffee, but I’d like to support Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters.” 

This is a question that we get from time to time in one form or another.  Lately, we have received quite a few emails or phone calls with similar comments.  I’d thought that I might address this in our blog, in order to have a better explanation than the brief one that we have on our website. 

Let me start by saying I appreciate the people who have called or emailed to inquire about pre-ground coffee and their desire to support us.  I am glad they took the time to find out why instead of simply writing us off.

We started this business, in part, because we are passionate about coffee.  We love it and we want people in our neighborhood to experience and appreciate good coffee, and it was impossible to get really good fresh coffee in Oak Cliff (unless you roast your own at home).  Coffee at our grocery stores and local restaurants are weeks if not months old and well-staled by the time we drink them.  So, we committed ourselves to changing that and offering customers fresh, high quality coffee that has been roasted within a day of when it arrives on their door. 

With our commitment to quality and freshness, we then had to address the question of convenience.  We knew that if we were truly committed to freshness and a quality product that we would be faced with turning down potential customers who wanted a convenient product.  Convenience can be a good thing, but it usually comes with a cost.  In the case of coffee, the cost is freshness and flavor. 

Coffee is a food product and, regardless of what the expiration date on a grocery store bag of coffee may tell you, it begins to stale with 2-3 weeks of roasting (in whole bean form).  But most coffees will date their expiration 6-12 months after roasting, and the coffee is usually stale by the time it hits the shelf.  Pre-grinding takes this to the extreme.  Once the bean is broken the coffee flavors begin to deteriorate within hours. 

If we were to pre-grind our coffee and then deliver it to our customers the coffee is already beginning to stale by the first time it is brewed and by the second or third time the staling process is more or less complete.  Therefore, we would be putting ourselves in the position of selling a stale product to our customers in the name of convenience.  Obviously, this is completely against our commitment to offering the best and freshest product that we can.  So we decided that we would be comfortable knowing that we will have to turn away some customers (even if we don’t like to) to dedicate ourselves to a great product. 

But we still would like everyone in Oak Cliff to enjoy our coffee.   So, in order to back up our commitment to good and fresh coffee, if you (or a neighbor) do not own a grinder but want to try great coffee, we will provide a blade grinder for free to anyone who subscribes to our delivery service.

We hope that you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting and delivering it to your door!

Grinding tip:  When brewing, if you measure your coffee in whole bean form before you grind it you can simply grind the coffee and dump the entire contents from the grinder into the brewing device.  This is much cleaner and easier, in my opinion, than measuring the coffee out after you have ground it. 



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