Food Creates Community (as does Oak Cliff Coffee)

My friend Ryan, who shares my passion for coffee, told me a month or so ago about this sort of underground event that took place in a chef’s backyard.  The chef would prepare (with some help) a multi-course meal for 30-40 random people and he would pair each course with a wine (or coffee). 

Ryan thought our coffee would go well with the dinner and introduced me (via email) to Jordan, the organizer.  The next dinner was this past weekend and we we’re running around the Cliff serving and selling coffee so I didn’t get to attend.  But Ryan and his girlfriend went and took our coffee and from all reports it was well-received

I am anticipating the next dinner and I’m definitely going to try to attend, not just to provide coffee, but to take it in and see what this is all about.  Here is Jordan’s blog,  Check it out and see what you think.

Thank you Jordan for serving our coffee and thank you Ryan for doing all the leg work!


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