Oak Cliff Coffee ‘Voter Card’ Campaign!

We have officially begun our new ‘Voter Card Campaign’ to get fresh local coffee into your favorite establishments.  Last delivery we distributed about 400 of these voter cards to our subscribers.  I wanted to write a brief Q&A to let others know about it in case anyone wanted to get in on the campaign who hasn’t received the cards.

What is the ‘Voter Card’?

It is a card that allows you to have a voice on the coffee that is being served in your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, etc.  Simply leave the card with the server or manager of your favorite establishments to cast your vote.  It also helps us to continue to get the word out about our Fresh Roasted Oak Cliff Coffee.  We have a very loyal customer base who already has responded very well to the campaign and we are grateful!   

Why the ‘Voter Card’ campaign?

As we have begun talking with restaurants and other businesses in the area about serving and selling our coffee, the initial response has been very positive with the people who actually work there.  One of the obstacles that we have found, with some places that we presumed to be truly locally run (but it turns out they were not), is that when the owner or operator is not from the area, they have a more difficult time seeing the value of better and fresher local products. 

Of course, as customers we see the value of local and fresh products, but we do not necessarily have a way of letting our favorite restaurants and stores know what we want when our only option is what they give us.  So, this is a way to give our customers a means to let the business owners/operators  know that they want local (and better) coffee. 

In fact the whole campaign was actually an idea of one our customers, and (although I cannot take credit for it) I thought it was brilliant so we rolled it out as soon as we could.  If nothing more it’s a fun way for our customers to express their opinion in our neighborhood.

I didn’t get the cards, how can I get in on the campaign?  (or I just need more cards…)

Just send us an email at info@oakcliffcoffee.com or call us at 214.948.5559 and give us your address and we will deliver you some voter cards on our next coffee delivery date.  And please let me know if you have any questions about the campaign.


One response to “Oak Cliff Coffee ‘Voter Card’ Campaign!

  1. D in TX - Atown

    Hey – this is AWESOME – i’m in arlington and home roast – saw you in the DMN and found your site. this voter card thing is great! I wont even drink coffee outside of my house. Glad to see you’re doing this. keep it up! Derek

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