Backyard BBQ – Food Creates Community

This past Saturday, we had an opportunity to partner with Jordan Swim who hosts underground backyard dinners at his house that focus on local foods.  We served some iced coffee to go along with an extravagant backyard barbeque

After the courses were complete we set up an iced coffee bar.  We served our Sidamo cold-brewed.  It makes a sweet rich cold brew that is excellent to drink straight or mixed with milk.  Our iced coffee bar included americanos, iced lattes and my signature Summer drink, the Iced Sweet Berry Latte which is flavored with crushed blueberries, blackberries & raspberries.  We had fun serving and sipping…

Our neighbors, Nitschke Natural Beef, donated the beef to this event as well.  Great brisket and burgers!  It is an interesting and very cool thing that Jordan, his wife and friends are doing.  Promoting community and local foods…  He explains each course and the ingredients that went into it and paired the courses with Texas micro-brews.  This is definitely something that any foodie should check out at least once.   

The Dinner Table

The Dinner Table



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