Panama Geisha Limited Offering!

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is announcing a one time sale of the Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Special “Geisha”.  This coffee is a unique offering and we only have a limited quantity for ordering.  We will roast the Geisha this Thursday for delivery or shipping on Friday. 

Hacienda La Esmeralda is an estate in Boquete, Panama that has won many awards over the last few years for the Geisha coffee.  Each year, they host an auction of various lots of this coffee, where many lots go for more than $100 per pound (that’s green, not roasted).  We had a chance to cup some of this last summer while we were in Boquete, and it is a coffee unlike any other.  It is a lighter medium roast; citrus & jasmine notes highlight this delicate and complex cup. 

This is an outstanding coffee that is not for everyone.  We are offering a rare opportunity to purchase some fresh, locally roasted Panama Geisha coffee.  If you want to see what all of the commotion is about with this coffee, now is your chance.

Because it is limited supply, we are only offering in half pound increments, and the cost is $19 per half pound (8 oz.) or $24 with shipping (USPS Priority Mail), if you’re outside of Oak Cliff.   All orders must be placed by Thursday 9 a.m.  It is first come, first served, and if you send payment after we have already sold out, you will be fully refunded.

Clink a link below to add the coffee to a shopping cart:

Oak Cliff Delivery or Pick-up, Half Pound Bag, La Esmeralda Geisha $19

With Shipping, Half Pound Bag, La Esmeralda Geisha $24

Some links to read about the Geisha coffee:


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