Guatemala Finca Villaure

IMG_2412As some of our Roaster Choice Subscribers have already experienced we are now offering a new coffee.  This is not only a new coffee, but a new business venture that we are passionate about.  We have partnered with Finca Villaure, a farm in Huehuetenango, Guatemala that has produced Cup of Excellence winners in the past. 

Buying coffee directly from the farm ensures two things.  One, that the farmers are getting a better price for their bean and two, that consumers are getting a better cup of coffee.  We want to tell our customers a story with each cup of coffee that they brew.  We want them to understand the uniqueness that lies within each of the different farms where the beans are grown. 

The coffee is a clean and crisp cup, with bright notes of green grapes and citrus, and it has a creamy mouthfeel.  We hope you enjoy our new offering, not only for the taste, but also for the story behind the bean.

Follow this link to buy our newest offering, Guatemala Finca Villaure.


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