Yirgacheffe Extravaganza – Limited Offering!

Yirgacheffe is a region in Ethiopia that is known for some of the best coffees in the world.  For those that don’t know, Ethiopia is the motherland of all coffee plants.  Every coffee plant in the world today, from Indonesia to Guatemala, can trace its roots back to Ethiopia. 

Since there is an extra Tuesday between our subscription deliveries this month (September is a 5-Tuesday month), we thought it would be a great time for another limited offering.

This is a special offer of two very different and very good Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffees.  One is a “Washed” Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from the Oromia Co-op, and the second is a “Natural” Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka.  What we want to do is give our customers a chance to taste different processing methods of two excellent coffees from the same region.

Processing is what is done immediately after harvesting to prepare the coffee to be shipped and roasted.  The “washed method” is the most common and it involves using water to immediately remove the fruit mucilage from the coffee seed.  The “natural (or dry) method” leaves the fruit mucilage on the seed for a short time while the coffee is being dried; this allows for the seed to absorb more of the fruity sweetness from the surrounding coffee cherry.  When it is done well, it typically results in various loud fruit flavors in the cup of coffee. 

The ‘Washed Yirg’ is a bright cup with lemon tea and spice notes, while the ‘Natural Yirg’ is heavily fruity, with peach, coconut and berry notes.  The washed and the natural have medium-good bodies with clean aftertastes.  They are both excellent beans in their own regards. 

Because we want you to taste the different processing methods we’re offering a special if you purchase them together.  A half pound of both beans is $18.  If you would just like to try one or the other the cost is $10 for a half pound of either bean. 

We will take orders until midnight, Wednesday September 23rd, and we will roast this coffee on Thursday for delivery (or pick-up available) on Friday morning.  It is first come, first served, and if you send payment after we have already sold out, you will be fully refunded.  Remember, last time we sold out of our Panama offering in 25 hours!

If you would like to pay with check or cash, just send me an email: Shannon@oakcliffcoffee.com.

For Oak Cliff Delivery:

Yirgacheffe Double Pack – ½ lb. of Washed, ½ lb. of Natural – $18

Ethiopian Washed Yirgacheffe Oromia, ½ lb. – $10

Ethiopian Natural Yirgacheffe Worka, ½ lb. – $10

For Shipping outside of Oak Cliff:

Yirgacheffe Double Pack – ½ lb. of Washed, ½ lb. of Natural – $23 (shipping included)


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