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Now Serving: Lighthouse Coffee Bar

On Friday, November 20, Lighthouse Coffee Bar had its Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting.  Lighthouse is located at 1404 N. 9th St. in Midlothian.  We are proud to announce that they are exclusively serving and selling Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters coffee.

The coffee shop was constructed to create an environment that will promote community in Midlothian. It was very inspiring to see the product of the hard work that had been put forth to establish Lighthouse Coffee Bar.

 It has a unique, enticing atmosphere that makes this coffee shop worth the drive. There is a great vibe throughout their multiple sitting areas with color schemes that are inviting.

 The coffee bar also offers a full menu of homemade sandwiches, soups, and delectable desserts.  

 We are excited about Lighthouse Coffee Bar because we share similar business philosophies. We both desire to support the local community and provide our customers with the best and freshest products possible.


7th Annual Cedars Open Studio Tour

We will be serving coffee at the 7th Annual Cedars Open Studio Tour. Our table will be located in the Old City Park on 1515 S. Harwood St. The studios will be open to tour all day Saturday, November 21, beginning at 10 am. The South Side on Lamar Galleries are located along 1409 S. Lamar and the surrounding area. This will be a fun event for all and there will be over 20 local artists showcasing their work. There will be sculptors, glass blowers, textiles, painters, potters, and much more. As well the Southwest Premier Living History Museum will have free entrance for everyone. See you tomorrow.


Cup of Excellence 2009 Limited Offering! Guatemala San Julian

We are happy to announce our first Cup of Excellence Limited Offering!  The Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious award, given to the best coffees in a participating country.  And this offering is from the Guatemala “COE”, which has been the most successful auction of the Cup of Excellence Program, reaching up to $80 per green pound in 2008.    

The Cup of Excellence Program helps small farmers by garnering their farm much attention and substantial prices for the coffee, through this program.  This is in reward for meticulous care and success in their coffee production.

Guatemala San Julian, Inversiones Mimosa 2009

Our offering is from the San Julian farm in the town of Palenica.  The altitude of this farm is over 1700 meters and the varietal is known as Catuai.  There’s no need to embellish a coffee that has won an award as one of the most outstanding, from a country that consistently produces some of the top coffees in the world.  Below are some of the descriptions of this cup from the international jury… try not to drool on your keyboard while reading it! 

Top Jury Descriptions: Aroma/Flavor- papaya, mango, spices, vanilla, blackstrap molasses, ginger flower, sweet tobacco, dark rye,   Acidity- crisp, sharp, round  Notes-complex, huge creamy body, good structure

If you like Guatemala coffees, then this is your opportunity to taste one of the best the country has to offer.  Locally & carefully roasted and delivered fresh, and just in time to share with friends and family at Thanksgiving. 

Read more about this coffee here.

Read more about the Cup of Excellence Program here.

Once again, this is a limited offering, so order promptly as the last two offerings sold out in about a day.  You can purchase this coffee in half pound or one pound increments, and we’re limiting this offering to two pounds per customer.  

 What:  Guatemala, Cup of Excellence, San Julian, Inversiones Mimosa 2009

When: Roasting on Monday, November 23; Delivery on Tuesday, November 24

 One Pound with Shipping – $35

 One Pound – Oak Cliff Delivery – $30

 Half Pound with Shipping – $22

 Half Pound – Oak Cliff Delivery – $17

White Rock Local Market

Saturday, November 14, we will be giving away free samples of coffee at White Rock Local Market.  The market is located at 702 N. Buckner Blvd.  next to the Green Spot Market and Fuel.  It will begin at 8 am and last until noon.  We will also be selling our 12 oz. bags of whole bean, freshly roasted coffee for $10.   There will be over 20 local vendors with products ranging from cookies, honey, candles, and much more.  See you tomorrow!

Celebration Restaurant – Dinner with Dailogue

Monday, November 9, Celebration Restaurant  (4503 W. Lovers Lane) will be hosting their monthly Dinner with Dialogue event. This one is important to us because of the topic that will be covered, “Saving out Local Farmers’ Markets and Sustainable Agriculture in Texas.”  

Ed Lowe (owner of Celebration Restaurant) and Angela Hunt (District 14 councilwoman) are hosting this event and it is open to anyone. Guest speakers will be Pamela Walker, author of Growing Things to Eat, and Michael and Debby Sams, owners of Full Quiver Farms and Dairy.

The optional dinner will begin at 6 pm and end at 7 pm.  The presentations will last from 7 pm until 7:30 pm.  The dialogue will begin at 7:30 and the floor will be open for your questions and concerns.

To make reservations you can either call (214) 351 – 5681 or email Ed Lowe at