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Holiday Roasting

All orders placed between December 22 – Jan. 3 will be delivered or shipped January 5th.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Now Serving: Dude, Sweet Chocolate


Dude, Sweet Chocolate is now open in the Bishop Arts District; it is located at 408 W. 8th St, Suite 102.  The hours for the store are Monday: Closed, Tuesday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm, Friday & Saturday: 8am – 10pm, and Sunday: Noon – 6pm.

Dude, Sweet Chocolates focuses on using single origin chocolates and then mixing them with exotic ingredients to get mouth-watering perfection.  Their “Sweet Chocolates” are a combination swaying from sweet to savory as it lays on your palette like a country roll in the hay.  Wanting something not as sweet, they have “The Dudes” that are savory flavors with the perfect balance of passion meets bold. They also offer Chocolate Bars (in both Dude and Sweet), Russian Marshmallows, Truffles, and much more.  These make great gifts for Christmas.

This unique chocolate shop will be serving our Sumatra Mandheling to go along with their scrumptious chocolates. The Sumatra has deep earth, spice, and plum notes that highlight this forceful coffee.  It is also roasted a little darker to coax out the dark chocolate finish.  Whether you want a Sweet or a Dude the combination with the freshly roasted Sumatra Mandheling coffee is unbeatable. 

For more information on the shop and offerings, you can check out Dude, Sweet Chocolate’s website and facebook page.

2 Christmas Offerings?

2 Christmas Offerings?  Sounds crazy, right?  Perhaps, but not for me.  But don’t fret, you can’t go wrong with either.

In seeking out an outstanding Christmas Offering for this season we cupped a lot of samples from different importers to find just the best one.  In the process, we first came across our Costa Rica Herbazu Estate, which stood out on the cupping table.  And because my search for great coffee is never completely satisfied, we continued to cup samples.  Just a few weeks ago we were sent a sample of Gourmet Prep from Finca Santa Sofia in El Salvador, and I was impressed with it’s super sweetness and gentle notes of chocolate and plum. I knew immediately I wanted it.  So… we have two Christmas Offerings this year.  

For our Roaster’s Choice subscriber’s this week, you will be experiencing the Christmas Offerng ‘El Salvador Finca Santa Sofia Gourmet Prep’.  I hope that you enjoy the cup as much I have.  We’ll still be offering up our Costa Rica Herbazu Estate as our Christmas Offering, too.  Both of these coffees are excellent choices and outstanding in their own rights, which is why we want to offer them both.

White Rock Local Market – December 12, 2009

We will be serving hot, fresh roasted coffee tomorrow, Saturday December 12, at the White Rock Local Market.  The market runs from 9 am – 3 pm and is located at 702 N. Buckner.  We will be selling 12 oz. bags (Red Sea Blend, Guatemala Huehuetenango, O.C. Decaf) for $10 each.  Also available for purchase will be different gift sets for Christmas that we will package for you.  There will be different brewing methods also available to buy.  The Aeropress, Chemex, Melitta One Cup, Syphon Pot, and French Press!  Hope to see you tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Packages Now Available

Looking for ideas for Christmas gifts?  We think coffee makes a great gift for family, friends, and neighbors.  All of our gift packages are now available on our website and if you have any questions email us at

We are offering an exclusive Christmas coffee for the 2009 Holiday Season.  The Christmas coffee is Costa Rica Herbazu.  It comes from an award-winning Herbazu estate in the West Valley region.  Fresh-baked cookies mark the aroma, and the cup has notes of honey and citrus.  The body is round and the finish has a touch of spice, making it a perfect offering to celebrate Christmas.

Is there a better gift, than a gift from the Cliff?  We don’t think so.

We have joined with Kessler Cookies to offer an exclusive Christmas Basket – the “Best Pairing in Dallas”. The basket will be uniquely packaged with a pound of Famous Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies (“Best Cookie” – Big D Magazine, 2004) and a pound of Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters (“Best Cup Coffee” – Dallas Observe, 2009) exclusive Christmas offering.  This package is available on the Kessler Cookie website and OCCR website.

The last day to order all Christmas packages is Tuesday, December 15.  All Christmas packages, including the “Best Pairing in Dallas”, will be delivered free of charge in Oak Cliff.

Merry Christmas!