2 Christmas Offerings?

2 Christmas Offerings?  Sounds crazy, right?  Perhaps, but not for me.  But don’t fret, you can’t go wrong with either.

In seeking out an outstanding Christmas Offering for this season we cupped a lot of samples from different importers to find just the best one.  In the process, we first came across our Costa Rica Herbazu Estate, which stood out on the cupping table.  And because my search for great coffee is never completely satisfied, we continued to cup samples.  Just a few weeks ago we were sent a sample of Gourmet Prep from Finca Santa Sofia in El Salvador, and I was impressed with it’s super sweetness and gentle notes of chocolate and plum. I knew immediately I wanted it.  So… we have two Christmas Offerings this year.  

For our Roaster’s Choice subscriber’s this week, you will be experiencing the Christmas Offerng ‘El Salvador Finca Santa Sofia Gourmet Prep’.  I hope that you enjoy the cup as much I have.  We’ll still be offering up our Costa Rica Herbazu Estate as our Christmas Offering, too.  Both of these coffees are excellent choices and outstanding in their own rights, which is why we want to offer them both.


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