Now Serving: Dude, Sweet Chocolate


Dude, Sweet Chocolate is now open in the Bishop Arts District; it is located at 408 W. 8th St, Suite 102.  The hours for the store are Monday: Closed, Tuesday – Thursday: 8am – 9pm, Friday & Saturday: 8am – 10pm, and Sunday: Noon – 6pm.

Dude, Sweet Chocolates focuses on using single origin chocolates and then mixing them with exotic ingredients to get mouth-watering perfection.  Their “Sweet Chocolates” are a combination swaying from sweet to savory as it lays on your palette like a country roll in the hay.  Wanting something not as sweet, they have “The Dudes” that are savory flavors with the perfect balance of passion meets bold. They also offer Chocolate Bars (in both Dude and Sweet), Russian Marshmallows, Truffles, and much more.  These make great gifts for Christmas.

This unique chocolate shop will be serving our Sumatra Mandheling to go along with their scrumptious chocolates. The Sumatra has deep earth, spice, and plum notes that highlight this forceful coffee.  It is also roasted a little darker to coax out the dark chocolate finish.  Whether you want a Sweet or a Dude the combination with the freshly roasted Sumatra Mandheling coffee is unbeatable. 

For more information on the shop and offerings, you can check out Dude, Sweet Chocolate’s website and facebook page.


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