Brazil Condado Estate – Direct Trade

We are starting off the new year right here at OCCR.  We just received a new shipment of fresh Brazilian coffee.  Not only is this an outstanding bean and a  fresh crop, but it’s also our second Direct Trade relationship.  We are purchasing this bean directly from the family who farms the coffee at the Condado Estate in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil. 

We obtained some samples from Condado after a friend in the industry introduced us.  Right away the depth of flavor in the cup impressed us.  As you may know, part of our Direct Trade initiative is paying well above the Fair Trade Standard price, because the farmers earned it and the coffee is worth it. 

The farm is at an altitude of 1275 meters and the coffee varietal is a Yellow Catuai.  The bean is a Late Harvest Natural which means the fruit actually begins to dry on the tree, then the workers pick each cherry by hand and it is finished drying on patios under the sun.  The cup had the usual sweetness and chocolate tones of a natural Brazil, but with some spice and more fruitiness than expected.   This would also be a good option for a single-origin espresso.

Here is a video taken at Condado, which shows a little of the farming and preparation process the coffee goes through. 


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