Oak Cliff Coffee’s ‘Aid for Haiti’ Blend

About ‘Aid for Haiti’

In the aftermath of the earthquake, we’ve all seen photos of the destruction and chaos that is present day Haiti.  Often it seems that reactionary relief groups are not well organized and donating money blindly to them doesn’t seem the best option to truly be of help.  This has been confounded by the much-publicized corruption of Haitian officials. 

A friend of mine, Jon, recently shared with me about a friend of his, Caleb, who is a doctor involved with work in Haiti over the past few years.  In 2008, Caleb co-founded a ministry organization called Aid for Haiti that has been taking regular trips to Haiti to establish relationships and provide care to areas that do not have good access to medical aid. 

After the quake, this team of doctors, nurses, and other volunteers deployed for Haiti.  The group sought out an area that they felt had the greatest need.  While most of the aid has been centered on the capital city of Port Au Prince, other towns have been neglected.  They have set up a makeshift hospital in the town of Petit Goave (about 150,000 in population) which was decimated and had received virtually no aid. 

Where Oak Cliff Coffee comes into this… 

Personally, I have been impacted by hearing about this group and from learning about their efforts through their blog.  I have decided that along with giving to them personally, I’d like to use our coffee to help this organization continue to provide relief to the people of Haiti, and at the same time offer a unique blend for our customers. 

From now until February 24th, Oak Cliff Coffee will be offering an ‘Aid for Haiti’ Blend, with 50% of the proceeds from sales going directly to ‘Aid for Haiti’.  We will roast the blend every Thursday (Feb 11th, 18th 25th) and deliver next day for the next 3 weeks.  In addition to this,  we are offering free delivery anywhere within Dallas City Limits for all orders that include but not limited to the ‘Aid for Haiti’ Blend.  If you are close to Dallas but outside of the city limits, please email us for possible delivery arrangements.  February 24th will be the last day to order. 

This blend of Central American coffees is a sugary sweet cup with bright citrus notes.  It’s recommended as a drip or French press. 

If you’re interested in purchasing the ‘Aid for Haiti’ Blend, please visit our website or click the link below.

Buy One Pound of ‘Aid for Haiti Blend’ – $16

I specifically chose to support ‘Aid for Haiti’ because of the organization’s commitment to Haiti prior to the earthquake, because of the goals of their mission, and because 100% of the donations they receive go directly to helping the Haitians in need (and not overhead costs).   Please take some time to read about their work at www.aidforhaiti.org.

Your roaster,

Shannon Neffendorf


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