‘Aid for Haiti’ Update

We’re very pleased to annouce that we raised $550 in support for ‘Aid for Haiti’, and roasted almost 70 lbs., through our ‘Aid for Haiti’ blend.   I logged a lot of Dallas delivery miles and enjoyed every minute of it.

The money will be going directly to medical care for Haitians affected by the earthquake, specifically in the town of Petit Goave.  I had the opportunity to talk with a couple of the doctors since we started this offering, and it was encouraging to hear of the good that is being done in the midst of such a immense tragedy.   We hope you’ve been able to read about some of their work on their website www.aidforhaiti.org.

We want to thank our commercial partners, The Crooked Tree Coffeehouse, Celebration Market and Spiral Fitness, who teamed up to help us promote this blend and raise money to assist the people of Haiti.  Thanks, also, to all who purchased  and enjoyed this coffee! 

And thank you especially, to the folks at Aid for Haiti , who are giving so much of themselves.


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