Dallas store photo


We are excited to announce that starting this Thursday, March 11, you will be able to purchase a bag of OCCR coffee at Central Market Dallas.  The Central Market store is located at 5750 East Lovers Lane and is open everyday from 8am – 10pm. 

The store will carry 1 pound bags of freshly roasted, whole bean coffee.  The varieties at CM this week will be our Direct Trade Guatemala Finca Villaure, Hidden City Espresso, Rosemont Crest Blend and Victor Prosper’s French Roast.  Of course, every bag will have the ‘Roasted-On’ stamp date ensuring Central Market will always have a fresh supply. 

Obviously a grocery store of this size is a great opportunity for a small company.  But, what’s unique and important about this partnership is that Central Market wants to promote the roast date of our coffee and not ignore it (like most stores that stock months-old coffee).  To have a large grocer understand our passion for a great and fresh product is thrilling for us!

This is a good opportunity for folks in North and East Dallas to get their hands on the best and freshest coffee in Dallas.  We will be delivering coffee every Thursday, so stop by to pick up a fresh bag and tell your friends.


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