Introducing: Black Stamp Reserve Coffee – Koke Gedeo

As or Roaster’s Choice subscribers have already discover, we are introducing a new limited line of coffee we’re calling our ‘Black Stamp Reserve’.  We call it Black Stamp Reserve because we’re replacing our usual blue stamp with a black stamp to signify the line.  I know… brilliant, isn’t it? 

Black Stamp Reserve, in short, are coffees that we purchase at a premium because we feel that the bean is unique and outstanding and it justifies the cost.  This could be a special auction lot, mirco-lot, Cup of Excellence or simply a wonderful bean that we come across in our constant cupping of samples. 

Our first Black Stamp Reserve coffee is one that jumped up off of the cupping table.  This coffee comes from the Koke Cooperative in the sub-region of Yirgacheffe called Gedeo, in southern Ethiopia.  490 farms with an average size of 1 hectare make up this co-op.  The coffee is ‘washed’ processed, certified Organic and is grown between 2000-2300 meters.  The cup is bright and delicate with lemon, apricot and floral tea notes. 

We have a limited quantity of this Yirgacheffe.  Beginning March 24th, until it runs out, we will be roasting this coffee every other Wednesday.

You can purchase it now on our website.


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