What we’ve been up to lately…

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted to the blog.  D’Andra has been great about posting events and newsworthy new partnership announcements.  But I thought I might jump in and write about what’s going on inside the roastery these days.

Late Spring/early Summer is always a fun time to be a coffee roaster as it’s heavy with new crops.  Which means lots of cupping to do!  Over the past two weeks I’ve roasted 22 various samples of coffee, from Central America to Indonesia to Africa to Hawaii, and there’s quite a bit more on the way.

22 batches of roasting would typically yield me about 500-600 lbs. of coffee, but in this case of roasting samples it produced about 9 lbs. of roasted coffee (a sample is usually between 200-250 grams).  So it requires additional work to prepare the samples and yet more work to cup them, but it’s worth it.  First, because I’m picky about the coffee I drink and second because I’m pickier about the coffee I sell.

Which coffees we will be purchasing is still mostly up in the air, but I can divulge a couple of certainties.  Finca Villaure’s new crop will be arrive in the next month or so.  This is one of our staples, so I’m glad we’re welcoming in a new crop and the cup was stellar, as to be expected.  We also have an Indonesian coffee on the way that I’m excited about.

I often struggle with Indonesian coffees because it’s so hard to find a good one, but we got one.  It’s from the Lake Tawar area of Gayo, Sumatra.  It’s a beautifully prepped bean, which I can’t usually say about Sumatra coffees.  And while it’s not a Direct Trade, we bought this from some Indonesian-Americans that are now using their family connections to source great Indonesian coffee.  So there is a close tie between the importer and the growers, which is what we want if we can’t have direct trade.  We’re excited about the coffee and excited about working with the new importers.  Expect this on offering list within the next few weeks.

We still have much more to cup and purchase, so stay tuned…


2 responses to “What we’ve been up to lately…

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your coffee…get 2 bags every 2 weeks. Just curious, are your bags recyclable?

  2. Lisa,

    Thanks for your kind words. The short answer to your question is no.

    We deliver our coffee in two types of bags depending on delivery quantity. Subscription customers who get one bag each delivery receive their coffee in recyclable tin-tie bags.

    To optimize freshness, customers who get 2 bags or more each delivery receive their coffee in one-way valve bags, which are not recyclable. The logic is that if you get two bags then you won’t open one for at least a few days, and the coffee will stay fresher longer if in an unopened one way valve bag.

    Hope that helps. If you would prefer yours to be in the recyclable tin-tie bags, let us know and we can accommodate.


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