New Offering – Sumatra Gayo Fancy Blue Tawar

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We have a new offering ready to roll.  It’s the Sumatra Gayo Fancy Blue Tawar.  I’m through saying I’m excited about my offerings because I wouldn’t offer them if I wasn’t excited about them.  So just assume that I am excited about each one you read about.  Thanks.

Really though, I think this is the best Sumatra that I have cupped in my short time in this industry.  It’s from the Lake Tawar area of Sumatra, it’s grown at 1450-1600 meters and the varietals include: Typika, Bourbon, Catimor and Bergendal.  This is a clean Sumatra with a great pick and preparation (hence ‘Fancy’).  It’s got a citrusy/dried apricot thing going on with sweet chocolate and earthy (but not musty) notes.

We purchased this coffee from Indonesian-American importers, that I’ve recently developed a relationship with, and they work with the producers in Sumatra.  So it’s not a direct trade, but it is a step in the right direction of transparency, and we’re pleased all the way around about this coffee.   I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it, too.


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