Sergio Dias of Canaan Estate Coffee

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The harvest is beginning in Brazil, and it will continue over the next  3 or 4 months.  Which means we’ll look forward to more excellent coffee from our Direct Trade Brazillian farms in about 6 months or so.

Sergio Dias, the owner of Canaan Estate in Carmo de Minas, lives primarily in Seattle and works the importing side when he is in the United States.  He works with his farm, Canaan Estate, and Condado Estate, which is owned by Sergio’s brother-in-law Ibraim Chaib.  Right now, all of our Brazillian offerings are coming from these two farms because they are producing some really great coffees.

Sergio was on his way down to Brazil  for harvest and had a few hours worth of layover in Dallas, so I picked him from the airport and took him around a bit.  We went to the Crooked Tree Coffeehouse to try some of his coffee in a Dallas Coffee Shop, and after that we came back to the roastery to cup some samples that he had mailed me earlier in the week.

I took every advantage I could of these 3+ hours to prod him for information about his farm, his family, Ibraim’s farm, Brazilian coffee production, their workers and Brazil’s chances in the World Cup.

We, as roasters, promote Direct Trade and relationships with producers as being altruistic and all about the farmer, and getting them better prices for their coffee.  And it is largely about that because they deserve more for their coffee, but it goes beyond money.  I cherish opportunities to be around these guys.  To be able to glean from their knowledge of production, and simply to have a relationship with the people I buy from is invaluable to me.

In a world of  ecoli outbreaks and chemically produced versions of corn that we call supermaket food, I highly value connections with the people producing my food, whether it be the beef I buy from Gary and Lauren Nitschke or the dairy I buy from Full Quiver Farm or coffee that I’m buying for my customers from guys like Sergio and Ibraim.  I see my coffee business as an extension of that philosophy.

We really appreciated the chance to spend some time with Sergio.  And we hope that those of you who drink our Condado Estate coffee and our Hidden City (the base to this blend is Canaan Estate) appreciate learning a little bit about one of the fellas producing your coffee.

PS – It’s been a busy month and my family’s been growing.  I’ll post some photos of my new daughter, Alice Rea, next week…


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