White Rock Market – June 12

White Rock Local Market


We will be serving and selling fresh roasted coffee this Saturday at White Rock Local Market.  The market is located at 702 N. Buckner and will run from 8 am – 1 pm.

The bags will be $10 and we will have 4 different offerings. 

NEW!  Sumatra Gayo Fancy Blue Tawar (subscribers got to try this one last delivery) is grown 1450 – 1600 meters and is a clean cup with citrusy/dried apricot notes, milk chocolate, and has a very good earthiness. 

NEW! Honduras Marcala Organic is a crisp cup with lemon tea and toffee notes. It is organically certified.

Costa Rica Herbazu is an award-winning coffee with aroma of fresh-baked cookies.  It has notes of honey and citrus with a finishing touch of spice.

OC Decaf is a Mountain Water Process and we will only have a few bags for tomorrow.  If you need decaf come to the market early.

See you tomorrow at White Rock Market.


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