Welcome Alice Rea!

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters continues to grow…

Two weeks ago from today (June 1st) I was woken about an hour before my usual ‘Delivery Tuesday’ wake-up time.  When your 38-week pregnant (at the time) wife says, “You should probably go ahead do your deliveries now…” , you tend to arise quickly.  I jumped up and delivered my coffee route in record time (I was back home by 5:30), but when I returned, Jenni was resting and notified me that it was a false alarm.

False alarm perhaps… but I was on Red Alert the rest of the day, taking care of some final preparations and checking in periodically.  Then that night around 7, the ‘false alarm’ symptoms returned, and by 8:30 there was no question about the immediacy of things to come. After two phone calls, (Jenni to the midwife and me to my sister to stay with our sleeping son), we were racing to the birthing center while I tried to navigate neglected Dallas roads and the sounds of sharp contractions .

By 11:30 pm we were welcoming, to our surprise, a beautiful baby girl into our family (and she doesn’t know it yet, but into the family business!).   Between the quantity of labor hours (24 to 3) and the quality of service (O.B./Hospital to Midwife/Birth Center), this was a substantially easier (maybe that’s a bad term to use in describing child birth…  friendlier? better?  There is not an ideal word here, I think…) experience than we had with Jakob Blaise.  Although both experiences yielded beautiful end results!

Of course things have changed for us, too, since Blaise’s birth.  Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters doesn’t offer paternity leave, like my last job, so about 10 hours after Alice’s birth, I was back at the roastery working on that weeks orders.  But we had help from our families and I’ve taken some time since to enjoy Alice Rea.

Alice is named after two of our grandmothers, Alice Elaine and Delpha Rea.  Here are some photos of the first two weeks of Alice Rea’s life:

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5 responses to “Welcome Alice Rea!

  1. She is absolutely precious! I am so happy for you both!

  2. Congrats to you and Jenni! She is precious! And I love the pictures of Blaise giving her love. 🙂

  3. Beautiful baby – wonderful story! Congratulations to all of you.

  4. Casey and I are so happy for you guys! What a beautiful girl you have! I love how Blaise kisses and loves on Alice.

  5. Who is this little blonde boy?! It’s been way too long!! Congrats and I can’t wait to dress her in tutus!

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