Celebration Farmers Market

We will be serving and selling samples of fresh roasted coffee this Saturday, June 19, at Celebration Farmers Market.  The coffees for Saturday are Costa Rica Herbazu and El Salvador. 

The market runs from 8 am until noon, but get there early because last market we sold out!

Each week the vendors keep growing, check out Celebration’s website to see the full list of all the vendors that will be participating this weekend.

See you Saturday at Celebration.


One response to “Celebration Farmers Market

  1. So…..On the way to the lake today…..stopped by Central Market. She Who Must Be Obeyed wandered off to the baked goods section; I lingered awhile in the coffee area and spied some plain brown bags marked “Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters”. Intrigued, and always trying to support local business and fellow North Texans, I grabbed a bag of Rosemont Crest Blend and marched over to the grinder. Had a little trouble re-closing the bag so I asked the nice lady (my mother always referred to any sort of service personnel, no matter where we were, as “the nice lady” or “the nice man”….as in “Go ask the nice lady…” or “Tell the nice man….”) if she had a piece of tape. She ran back to the secret area where civilians are not allowed and brought back with her said piece of tape. She saw my Oak Cliff Coffee roasters bag and inquired whether I had ever sampled your product. I said no, but I am looking forward to it. She then said “They bring it here every week just after roasting and they are THE NICEST PEOPLE you’d ever want to meet.”
    So….I am sitting at the lake and just brewed my first pot. Let me tell you something (as if you don’t already know). This is a badass cup of coffee. You have a new devotee. Let’s review: your local, your really nice, and you make damn fine coffee.
    I believe there is a lesson here for us all.

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