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October Newsletter

In this edition (October Newsletter):

1.   Subscription Delivery Schedule

2.   Central Market Offerings

3.   NOW SERVING: Ann’s HFM Café

4.   French Pressed Coffee – So Good

5.   Five Tuesday Month

6.   Upcoming Events…

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Free Cup of OCCR Coffee

Tomorrow, October 26, we will be giving away free cups of coffee at the Cityplace Tower (2711 N. Haskell Ave.)

If you work in or around the tower start your morning off right by coming by to say hello and getting a free cup of freshly roasted coffee.

We will be there at 7:30 am.

Kessler Pumpkin Patch & White Rock Local Market

October 9 you can find us at the Kessler Pumpkin Patch and White Rock Local Market.

The Annual Kessler Pumpkin Patch and Street Fair is held at the Kessler Park United Methodist Church (1215 Turner Ave.) and runs from 10 am – 4 pm.  There will be games, face painting, delicious coffee, and a lot of pumpkins. 
Proceeds benefit the Kessler School.

The White Rock Local Market is located at the Green Spot (702 N. Buckner) and runs from 8 am – 1 pm.  We will be serving samples and selling bags for $10.

See you tomorrow!

Modern Luxury Dallas

We were one of the coffee roasters written about in the October issue of Modern Luxury Dallas.  Kim Pierce, the writer of the article, focused on our Direct Trade relationship coffees.  Thanks Kim for the great article and Ben for the fantastic picture.

New Offering: The Tripel Seasonal Blend

We have a fantastic new offering for autumn!

It’s a new seasonal blend named the “The Tripel”.  Before I talk about the coffee I’d like to explain the name because the first question we’ve been getting is, “Did you misspell ‘triple’ intentionally or is your spell check broken?”  The answer is neither.

Through out our travels, one of our favorite things to enjoy is local artisan beers.  We’ve really appreciated not just the beer, but the way in which the beer is served in other countries, which is typically in a large bottle with 2 glasses.  We have fondly dubbed these large bottles ‘share beers’.

This has led us into seeking out ‘share beers’ to partake of here in Dallas.  And in my opinion, the pinnacle of these beers is the Belgian-style ‘Tripel’.  A beer that demands to be savored, shared and enjoyed.  It symbolizes not simply a brew that contains alcohol but exudes conviviality.

So, the phonetic connection of the Tripel represents the three-bean blend that it is, but the meaning of the name is much more  significant.   It is a brew of conviviality, not simply caffeine, meant to be savored and shared.  So don’t brew this blend by the cup, brew enough for two!

Enough about the name, now to the coffee itself… This  is the inaugural edition of our seasonal craft “Tripels”. The Tripel is a 3-bean blend in which the beans are connected by a common thread.  That thread will change each season.  In this case, it is the 3 great growing regions of the bean’s motherland, Ethiopia. It’s a fantastic and attention grabbing cup… heady with fruity sweetness complemented with subtle jasmine and spice notes, and chocolate undertones.  Cheers!

-Your Roaster