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From Guatemala… Finca El Injerto

We just left Finca El Injerto today.  The same farm that has won the Guatemala Cup of Excellence for four years in a row.  Arturo walked us through their meticulous prep process and spoke much of the farms efforts to care for their workers and their land (I will share much more details about this later). 

We cupped some really special coffees from his farm and toured the farm land, including the Patagonia area which is the highest altitude piece of the farm. This will be where Oak Cliff Coffees 2011 El Inerto lot is from.  I am extremely excited about this coffee, not just because of the quality you get from El Injerto but to be able to support their efforts. 

More to come….  Antigua and Santa Ana, El Salvador…

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Delivered Today

Coffee roasted yesterday (2/16) and delivered to these fine places today (2/17):


**Remember to check the Roasted-On Dates.**