Coffee Prices and the Volatile Market

Friends and Neighbors,

To borrow words from another coffee roaster, “The world of coffee has changed.”  For the past year the cost of coffee across the industry has climbed steadily and quickly.  The cost of our coffees has increased more that 50% in that time.

This is the most volatile I have seen coffee prices in my short time in this industry.  And when all of the low-cost leaders of the industry are raising prices multiple times in a year, you know it serious!

The “C” Market doesn’t affect our purchasing directly, but it does indirectly affect coffee pricing across in the industry.  Fortunately the Direct Trade relationships that we’ve built have helped to give us a bit of stability in an otherwise unstable market.  All the while this ensures a the high quality of the coffees we’re purchasing this year.

We are in the process of raising our prices in an effort to help us to compensate for our increased costs.  We do not take price hikes lightly and we want to be sure our customers understand our reasons and have the opportunity to contact us with any questions that may arise.

Feel free to call or email us.  (our contact information is available on our website

For further reading, here is a link to an article that address the historically high prices.

Your Roaster,

Shannon Neffendorf


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