Limited Special Offering – Kenya Kangocho

We have a limited Special Offering Kenya Kangocho and we
know that you will love it.

Just south of the country from which all coffee originated, Kenya
has proved itself to be a land of delicious coffees. In view of this, we have
had the opportunity to acquire a small stock of some truly fantastic Kenyan
beans. The coffee comes from the Kangocho Mill in the Nyeri district of central

The mill is a part of the Gikanda Cooperative Society whose strict
processing standards ensure quality coffee. In the Coop, pickers are divided
into two levels – the pickers that consistently bring in better quality crops
are given a higher price, and the others are given a lower price because of
their inconsistencies. Upon reading this, many of us will scoff and think
disapprovingly of such a system, however, it is a system that rewards farmers
and pickers for a meticulously and excellently produced coffee. So as the
farmer and picker consistently provide a superior product, they are rewarded
for their hard-earned reputation.

At the outset, the  cup starts with vibrant notes of cherry, followed by a subtle tart cranberry and the creamy sweetness of raspberry. The cup finishes out with heavier tones of honey, apricot, and caramel – with its sweetness lingering after the rest has cleared. The body is lively and syrupy throughout, making it a really,
really, delicious cup.

So, from the farming, to the picking, the processing, to the cupping, to the roasting, and finally to your brewed cup – this coffee exudes excellence! And we want you to enjoy it as much as we do, so you can either order a half-pound for $16.00 or one pound for $30.00. So order as soon as possible as our inventory of this coffee will run out quick  The last day to place an order is midnight on August 28 or until it is sold out! Look out for the coffee hanging on your door on Wednesday morning, the 31st of August!

As always if you live in Oak Cliff there is no delivery charge. If
you live outside of Oak Cliff there is a $5 shipping fee, please follow the
shipping link. Follow the links below to order your Special Offering Kenya.

Half Pound – Shipping – $21

One Pound – Shipping – $35

Half Pound – Oak Cliff Delivery – $16

One Pound – Oak Cliff Delivery – $30


Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters


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