Colombia Cup of Excellence #1 – Finca Primavera

This week we will be roasting an extra-special coffee from Colombia.  This coffee scored an unprecedented 94.05 from the international jury last year at the Colombia Cup of Excellence.  It was not only first place in the Colombia competition but the highest scoring coffee for any 2011 Cup of Excellence in any country.

This incredible lot of coffee is truly the best of the best coffees and this is a rare and special opportunity to taste it as we only have 40 pounds of this coffee to offer to our customers. We will be roasting it on two dates, Wednesday May 9th for Mother’s Day and again on Wednesday June 13th for Father’s Day.  Arnulfo Leguizamo runs this small farm, Finca Primavera, near San Agustin in Huila, Colombia at 1841 meters above sea level.  The international jury notes for this coffee include jasmine, tamarind, and apricot, wild honey, cherry, vanilla, caramel, white peach and a creamy lingering finish.  We hope you’ll take this rare opportunity to enjoy this special coffee!

You can select the date you would like it roasted.  All orders must be in by Tuesday at midnight before the roast date.   We will ship out all mail orders the same day.

Here is more from the Cup of Excellence about Arnulfo:

The cost is $39.50 per 8 ounce bag with no additional shipping costs for this coffee.

May 9th Roasting – 8 ounce bag – $39.50 –

June 13th Roasting – 8 ounce bag – $39.50

More information about Arnulfo Leguizamo and Finca Primavera:

Mr. Arnulfo Leguizamo is 46 years old, son of a coffee farmer born in the municipality of Teruel, Huila. In his youth he studied several mechanical activities and after doing a lot of work in an urban environment, he decided that his future was in the field – dedicated to work with coffee. He started by planting half of a hectare in the property of his father in Teruel. He traveled to the municipality of San Agustín 23 years ago, in order to know the mystical sculptures at the Archeological Park. Nevertheless, the climate, the warm people and mainly the wealth of earth caused him to fall in love with this municipality where he met Mrs. Aura Rita Bolaños his wife and the mother of his four children: Mayeli, Joh Edison, Diego Felipe and Hamer Duvan. He began with 1 hectare, an inheritance of his wife, and after a while he bought 3 more hectares that he planted little by little with coffee. His farm is called “Primavera” and it is located in the village “El Tabor” at the municipality of “San Agustín”. Is cultivated with Caturra varietal and is being renovated to integrate the variety Castillo.

He has been a Rainforest Alliance Certified farmer for 4 years, and he is committed to the protection to the environment. He is protecting springs and birds, he is recycling trash, and he doesn’t spray out chemical products. These principles are because of his sons – he wants to keep his place at least without contamination or pollution so they can live and eat there in the future in a healthy way.

His principals for the production of coffee are based on the quality; he says “I have to do things with love, dedication and with the support of my wife and my children. The advantages of this land where my farm is located are a secret but mainly because of the high altitude and the right temperatures we produce coffee with the best attributes for its taste. It is important for us to harvest only ripe-red cherries and process on time. We have to wash coffee well with clean water and dry it under sun and air for that we use the system: ‘Casa Elda’.”


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