Freshly Roasted Coffee

We were out this morning delivering freshly roasted OCCR to all of your favorite places.

Coffee roasted (8.14 & 8.15) and delivered yesterday & today (8.15 & 8.16):

**Remember to check the Roasted-On Dates.**


3 responses to “Freshly Roasted Coffee

  1. Have you really not delivered since August 16th?

  2. No, we’re just inconsistent with updating the blog. We have delivered every week since then including yesterday to pretty much all of our clients. Any one in particular you’re looking at?
    We’ll work on the blog consistency. Thanks.

  3. Well, I live in Irving, so, whichever location is closest works for me. I do see your beans Black Forest Café in Half Price Books, but I don’t usually see your espresso beans there.

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