Fresh roasted coffee has been delivered.  Coffee roasted October 8-10, delivered October 9-12.  Here is where you can get fresh OCCR:

– Central Market Dallas (Bulk & Cafe)

– Central Market Plano

– Central Market Preston/Royal

– Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

– Oak Lawn Coffee

– Company Cafe – Greenville & Katy Trail Locations

– Meddlesome Moth

– Garden Cafe

– Hypnotic Donuts

– Taco Joint – Mockingbird and Peak Locations

– Cafe Koine (DTS Campus)

– Black Forest Cafe

– Zenzero

– MochaLux

– Frogg

– Urban Acres (delivery on Oct. 12)

– Whole Foods Market – Richardson Location

– Lighthouse

– Patina Green

– Lucia

– Greenling DFW

** Remember to check the Roasted-On Dates.**


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