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Colombia Cup of Excellence #1 – Finca Primavera

This week we will be roasting an extra-special coffee from Colombia.  This coffee scored an unprecedented 94.05 from the international jury last year at the Colombia Cup of Excellence.  It was not only first place in the Colombia competition but the highest scoring coffee for any 2011 Cup of Excellence in any country.

This incredible lot of coffee is truly the best of the best coffees and this is a rare and special opportunity to taste it as we only have 40 pounds of this coffee to offer to our customers. We will be roasting it on two dates, Wednesday May 9th for Mother’s Day and again on Wednesday June 13th for Father’s Day.  Arnulfo Leguizamo runs this small farm, Finca Primavera, near San Agustin in Huila, Colombia at 1841 meters above sea level.  The international jury notes for this coffee include jasmine, tamarind, and apricot, wild honey, cherry, vanilla, caramel, white peach and a creamy lingering finish.  We hope you’ll take this rare opportunity to enjoy this special coffee!

You can select the date you would like it roasted.  All orders must be in by Tuesday at midnight before the roast date.   We will ship out all mail orders the same day.

Here is more from the Cup of Excellence about Arnulfo:

The cost is $39.50 per 8 ounce bag with no additional shipping costs for this coffee.

May 9th Roasting – 8 ounce bag – $39.50 –


June 13th Roasting – 8 ounce bag – $39.50


More information about Arnulfo Leguizamo and Finca Primavera:

Mr. Arnulfo Leguizamo is 46 years old, son of a coffee farmer born in the municipality of Teruel, Huila. In his youth he studied several mechanical activities and after doing a lot of work in an urban environment, he decided that his future was in the field – dedicated to work with coffee. He started by planting half of a hectare in the property of his father in Teruel. He traveled to the municipality of San Agustín 23 years ago, in order to know the mystical sculptures at the Archeological Park. Nevertheless, the climate, the warm people and mainly the wealth of earth caused him to fall in love with this municipality where he met Mrs. Aura Rita Bolaños his wife and the mother of his four children: Mayeli, Joh Edison, Diego Felipe and Hamer Duvan. He began with 1 hectare, an inheritance of his wife, and after a while he bought 3 more hectares that he planted little by little with coffee. His farm is called “Primavera” and it is located in the village “El Tabor” at the municipality of “San Agustín”. Is cultivated with Caturra varietal and is being renovated to integrate the variety Castillo.

He has been a Rainforest Alliance Certified farmer for 4 years, and he is committed to the protection to the environment. He is protecting springs and birds, he is recycling trash, and he doesn’t spray out chemical products. These principles are because of his sons – he wants to keep his place at least without contamination or pollution so they can live and eat there in the future in a healthy way.

His principals for the production of coffee are based on the quality; he says “I have to do things with love, dedication and with the support of my wife and my children. The advantages of this land where my farm is located are a secret but mainly because of the high altitude and the right temperatures we produce coffee with the best attributes for its taste. It is important for us to harvest only ripe-red cherries and process on time. We have to wash coffee well with clean water and dry it under sun and air for that we use the system: ‘Casa Elda’.”


Best Pairing in Dallas 2011

Looking for a great Christmas gift?

We have teamed up with Kessler Cookie Company again to bring you the Best Pairing in Dallas.

For $40 you will receive a pound of Famous Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Cookies & a pound of OCCR’s Christmas Offering 2011 – Colombia Cauca Inza.

Just visit our website to order. The last day to order is Sunday, December 18.

Merry Christmas!

The Tripel Seasonal – Finca Elida, Panama

As some of you may remember we introduced a seasonal coffee in the fall of last year called The Tripel.  Last year it was three coffees from different regions in Ethiopia – Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, and Harar.

This year The Tripel is back and if I dare say, even better.  This Autumn the blend is 100% Direct Trade!  All three of the coffees come from one farm, the award-winning Finca Elida Estate in Panama.  The farm has been in the Lamastus family since 1918.

The blend consists of Finca Elida coffees processed three different ways.  This makes for a unique and delicious cup.  The processes are washed, natural, and honey.  This creates a cup with blackberry, mango notes and all around honey sweetness.

This coffee will be availalble starting next week at your favorite places that carry OCCR; the first roast day will be Wednesday, August 31.  Individual orders being placed on-line will be available soon.   If you are subscriber look for this coffee haning on your door the morning of Tuesday, September 6th!

Quick Facts about The Tripel Seasonal – Finca Elida, Panama

Tripel Thread: Finca Elida – Boquete, Panama

Altitude: 1670 – 1825 meters

Varietal: Catuai, Typica, Bourbon

Process: Natural/Washed/Honey

Roast Level: Medium Light

Limited Special Offering – Kenya Kangocho

We have a limited Special Offering Kenya Kangocho and we
know that you will love it.

Just south of the country from which all coffee originated, Kenya
has proved itself to be a land of delicious coffees. In view of this, we have
had the opportunity to acquire a small stock of some truly fantastic Kenyan
beans. The coffee comes from the Kangocho Mill in the Nyeri district of central

The mill is a part of the Gikanda Cooperative Society whose strict
processing standards ensure quality coffee. In the Coop, pickers are divided
into two levels – the pickers that consistently bring in better quality crops
are given a higher price, and the others are given a lower price because of
their inconsistencies. Upon reading this, many of us will scoff and think
disapprovingly of such a system, however, it is a system that rewards farmers
and pickers for a meticulously and excellently produced coffee. So as the
farmer and picker consistently provide a superior product, they are rewarded
for their hard-earned reputation.

At the outset, the  cup starts with vibrant notes of cherry, followed by a subtle tart cranberry and the creamy sweetness of raspberry. The cup finishes out with heavier tones of honey, apricot, and caramel – with its sweetness lingering after the rest has cleared. The body is lively and syrupy throughout, making it a really,
really, delicious cup.

So, from the farming, to the picking, the processing, to the cupping, to the roasting, and finally to your brewed cup – this coffee exudes excellence! And we want you to enjoy it as much as we do, so you can either order a half-pound for $16.00 or one pound for $30.00. So order as soon as possible as our inventory of this coffee will run out quick  The last day to place an order is midnight on August 28 or until it is sold out! Look out for the coffee hanging on your door on Wednesday morning, the 31st of August!

As always if you live in Oak Cliff there is no delivery charge. If
you live outside of Oak Cliff there is a $5 shipping fee, please follow the
shipping link. Follow the links below to order your Special Offering Kenya.

Half Pound – Shipping – $21

One Pound – Shipping – $35

Half Pound – Oak Cliff Delivery – $16

One Pound – Oak Cliff Delivery – $30


Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters

New Offering: The Tripel Seasonal Blend

We have a fantastic new offering for autumn!

It’s a new seasonal blend named the “The Tripel”.  Before I talk about the coffee I’d like to explain the name because the first question we’ve been getting is, “Did you misspell ‘triple’ intentionally or is your spell check broken?”  The answer is neither.

Through out our travels, one of our favorite things to enjoy is local artisan beers.  We’ve really appreciated not just the beer, but the way in which the beer is served in other countries, which is typically in a large bottle with 2 glasses.  We have fondly dubbed these large bottles ‘share beers’.

This has led us into seeking out ‘share beers’ to partake of here in Dallas.  And in my opinion, the pinnacle of these beers is the Belgian-style ‘Tripel’.  A beer that demands to be savored, shared and enjoyed.  It symbolizes not simply a brew that contains alcohol but exudes conviviality.

So, the phonetic connection of the Tripel represents the three-bean blend that it is, but the meaning of the name is much more  significant.   It is a brew of conviviality, not simply caffeine, meant to be savored and shared.  So don’t brew this blend by the cup, brew enough for two!

Enough about the name, now to the coffee itself… This  is the inaugural edition of our seasonal craft “Tripels”. The Tripel is a 3-bean blend in which the beans are connected by a common thread.  That thread will change each season.  In this case, it is the 3 great growing regions of the bean’s motherland, Ethiopia. It’s a fantastic and attention grabbing cup… heady with fruity sweetness complemented with subtle jasmine and spice notes, and chocolate undertones.  Cheers!

-Your Roaster

New Offering – Sumatra Gayo Fancy Blue Tawar

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We have a new offering ready to roll.  It’s the Sumatra Gayo Fancy Blue Tawar.  I’m through saying I’m excited about my offerings because I wouldn’t offer them if I wasn’t excited about them.  So just assume that I am excited about each one you read about.  Thanks.

Really though, I think this is the best Sumatra that I have cupped in my short time in this industry.  It’s from the Lake Tawar area of Sumatra, it’s grown at 1450-1600 meters and the varietals include: Typika, Bourbon, Catimor and Bergendal.  This is a clean Sumatra with a great pick and preparation (hence ‘Fancy’).  It’s got a citrusy/dried apricot thing going on with sweet chocolate and earthy (but not musty) notes.

We purchased this coffee from Indonesian-American importers, that I’ve recently developed a relationship with, and they work with the producers in Sumatra.  So it’s not a direct trade, but it is a step in the right direction of transparency, and we’re pleased all the way around about this coffee.   I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it, too.

Introducing: Black Stamp Reserve Coffee – Koke Gedeo

As or Roaster’s Choice subscribers have already discover, we are introducing a new limited line of coffee we’re calling our ‘Black Stamp Reserve’.  We call it Black Stamp Reserve because we’re replacing our usual blue stamp with a black stamp to signify the line.  I know… brilliant, isn’t it? 

Black Stamp Reserve, in short, are coffees that we purchase at a premium because we feel that the bean is unique and outstanding and it justifies the cost.  This could be a special auction lot, mirco-lot, Cup of Excellence or simply a wonderful bean that we come across in our constant cupping of samples. 

Our first Black Stamp Reserve coffee is one that jumped up off of the cupping table.  This coffee comes from the Koke Cooperative in the sub-region of Yirgacheffe called Gedeo, in southern Ethiopia.  490 farms with an average size of 1 hectare make up this co-op.  The coffee is ‘washed’ processed, certified Organic and is grown between 2000-2300 meters.  The cup is bright and delicate with lemon, apricot and floral tea notes. 

We have a limited quantity of this Yirgacheffe.  Beginning March 24th, until it runs out, we will be roasting this coffee every other Wednesday.

You can purchase it now on our website.